Tuesday, January 6, 2009

When you came home with us!

Finally we get to take you home with us! It was a very exciting day to bring you home to our apartment in Orleans. It was the end of November so it was very cold outside. We had to bundle you up in your car seat we could barely see you in there with all the blankets. Dad was a little worried about driving home and it took a little while but he didn't care cause he wanted to make sure that you got home safe and sound. I had everything set up all ready, I was planning ahead and wanted to be prepared. It was crazy because it always looked so easy to take care of a baby but once its all yours for the first time it was scary a little bit. But soon enough we both got the hang of it and then it was all good. A lot of diaper changes and sleepless nights but it was okay with me cause every time I got to wake up and look at a little prince....

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