Sunday, January 11, 2009

How we Met!!

OK.. So this one is about Matt and I. We have been married a little over 1 yr going on 2 on August 11Th. Very exciting.. Funny we went to school with each other High School that is and we never really talked we both had different lives then. How we met....After a rough break-up for me my girlfriend wanted to get me back out there and we went to this place Kingdoms Playground every weekend... All we did was dance and I had seen him there before and knew who he was and all his friends too. My girlfriend actually thought that Matt was really cute but did not have the courage to go and start dancing with him so I said oh what the hell I will .. So we started dancing together and so on.... I wasn't ready to settle down right then anyways but knew that he was different, we exchanged phone numbers and left it at that... A while passed and Christmas 2004 came and went. It was just after the New Year that we went back one Saturday night and there they were again Matt and all of his friends.. Was it a sign not sure but I felt all giggly inside.... After that we started talking on the phone regularly and decided one Saturday that we would go to dinner. We went to Hot Rod Pizzeria and we both just sat there and tried to eat but it wasn't the greatest after that Matt invited me over to hang out and watch movies so I said sure why not.. It was a blizzard out that night but I still followed him back to Orleans and we hung out all night long actually til 6:00 am when I was supposed to go to work but my car didn't start oh poop :) that's OK it was meant to be and from there well I never left and to this day I am still here...You want to know something funny we now live in the same apt building (but on the 2ND floor) where we first met....!!!!!!!

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