Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day!

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day. Kaleb and I spent it with aunt Kelly uncle Ben and the kids. We made our own instruments with bells for music which Kaleb enjoyed playing with after. We enjoyed the nice weather and played outside for awhile, Kaleb really loves this blue car the kids have he didn't want to stop playing it was so cute I'll post some pictures later. He is growing up very fast and getting more and more independent sad in some ways but wonderful in others. They don't stay small for long. Happy spring everyone!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

March Update

Hello Everyone, March is tomorrow and it feels like spring is around the Conner. We are all feeling antsy and want this cold snowy weather to go and have the warm sunny weather and beautiful flowers return. Kaleb is getting so big now I can't believe that he is almost a 1 1/2 years old and that soon he will be 2. It seems like yesterday I was in the hospital. I love to see him grow he is so precious and he is turning into his own little person attitude and all and yes the tantrums have begun..... but that is OK that's part of growing up. Matt and I are trying to enjoy life day by day and are very happy work is slow but soon will pick up again long days but loving each other is what gets us through it. Well this is all for now another update soon..

Thursday, January 22, 2009

We All Have Regrets..........

OK So nothing really new just thought that I would write a little bit to relax.... I said some things to a person that I love very much that I shouldn't have said at all. Sometimes we all think out loud and then regret it. There is nothing that you can do to change what was already said or done but to try and correct it and acknowledge that you made a mistake and try to move on that's all. I hope that she can truly forgive me, and if you're reading this I am very sorry......

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sisters Visit From CT

This was a nice surprise my twin sisters from Connecticut and their daughters came to visit us this past weekend. My sister Judy just had her daughter 4 months ago her name is Marlee she is so sweet and beautiful. My other sister Johanna is celebrating her daughters 2ND birthday this coming weekend the 25Th. What a little character she is and gorgeous of course.Time sure does go by when we can't see each other everyday. It was great to see everyone and I hope that we can spend more time together really soon.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

How we Met!!

OK.. So this one is about Matt and I. We have been married a little over 1 yr going on 2 on August 11Th. Very exciting.. Funny we went to school with each other High School that is and we never really talked we both had different lives then. How we met....After a rough break-up for me my girlfriend wanted to get me back out there and we went to this place Kingdoms Playground every weekend... All we did was dance and I had seen him there before and knew who he was and all his friends too. My girlfriend actually thought that Matt was really cute but did not have the courage to go and start dancing with him so I said oh what the hell I will .. So we started dancing together and so on.... I wasn't ready to settle down right then anyways but knew that he was different, we exchanged phone numbers and left it at that... A while passed and Christmas 2004 came and went. It was just after the New Year that we went back one Saturday night and there they were again Matt and all of his friends.. Was it a sign not sure but I felt all giggly inside.... After that we started talking on the phone regularly and decided one Saturday that we would go to dinner. We went to Hot Rod Pizzeria and we both just sat there and tried to eat but it wasn't the greatest after that Matt invited me over to hang out and watch movies so I said sure why not.. It was a blizzard out that night but I still followed him back to Orleans and we hung out all night long actually til 6:00 am when I was supposed to go to work but my car didn't start oh poop :) that's OK it was meant to be and from there well I never left and to this day I am still here...You want to know something funny we now live in the same apt building (but on the 2ND floor) where we first met....!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

January 10th 2009 - Update

Kaleb is now 13 1/2 months old WOW... That just hit me hard where did the time go. He is walking and has been for a while now since about the beginning of 11 months. It has been great to see him run around he is a little boy now and not that baby I still think of him as. He has his own little attitude and temper that is for sure when he hears NO he has his little tantrums.. It is cute now but I bet it won't be for long... He has 12 teeth right now 4 top 4 bottom and 4 1yr molers and is cutting more bottom teeth right now.. He does really good for being in a lot of pain.. I have to say that the teething tablets work wonders and it is all natural so you don't have to worry as much and it relieves the pain instantly it's GREAT! Let's see other than that not to much else he is growing up so fast and I hope that everyone else sees that and takes it into consideration that he is not going to be this small forever and now is the time to enjoy him being little!!!! I get to everyday and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to and teach him and watch him grow .... He is wonderful a true blessing :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What I am Thankful for......

Today I wanted to share with everyone what I am thankful for in my life right now.... I am thankful for my husband, my son, my sisters, my mother,my father, my step mom,Bill,my nieces, my nephews, my brother-in law, all my grandparents,aunts,uncles,in-laws,best friends Louise you know who you are,neighbors, you are all very special to me and I am thankful that you are all in my life! Of course there is more I am thankful for so many things my apartment to live in, my hot water, my washer and dryer, my furniture, my giant television, computer, and all the little things in my life that I am thankful for each and every day...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cruising right along

So once we were all at home and settling in to the life of having a new baby time just started flying by. One day he was scooting across the floor, then crawling and now walking. It is crazy to think that the time goes so fast. Now Kaleb is a little man and he is growing up so fast he is now 13 months old and is so big. I did not think that it would go by this fast but as everyone said once you have kids time just disappears..... He is a splitting image of little Meghan and Matt. It is great to see that we both see each other in him. Matt has already warned me of what a little stinker he might become..From the sounds of it Matt was quiet the little adventurer when he was a little boy. Great adventures ahead!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

When you came home with us!

Finally we get to take you home with us! It was a very exciting day to bring you home to our apartment in Orleans. It was the end of November so it was very cold outside. We had to bundle you up in your car seat we could barely see you in there with all the blankets. Dad was a little worried about driving home and it took a little while but he didn't care cause he wanted to make sure that you got home safe and sound. I had everything set up all ready, I was planning ahead and wanted to be prepared. It was crazy because it always looked so easy to take care of a baby but once its all yours for the first time it was scary a little bit. But soon enough we both got the hang of it and then it was all good. A lot of diaper changes and sleepless nights but it was okay with me cause every time I got to wake up and look at a little prince....

Monday, January 5, 2009

Just over a year ago

Just Over a year ago now on November 29th at 4:00 am I awoke to very intense back pains. I can remember rolling around in bed trying to get comfortable with my huge belly but it was not going to happen. I got out of bed and thought to myself could this be it am I having contractions? My husband Matt got up and came out into the Living room and new that something was going on cause I was not sleeping anymore. I said I am having trouble getting comfortable in bed and I am having back pains. He said do you think that you are in labor?Should I stay home from work? I said no that's ok I don't think that anything is really going to happen today or at least while you are gone to work. So he got ready and left. Around 9am I still was feeling a lot of back pain so I called my midwife Lesley to let her know what was going on. I can remember those words forerver she said it sounds like you are in labor woooohooooo! We were both very excited about it I was due the next day so we were all waiting. She told me to take it easy relax and call me this afternoon. So I got off the phone with her and called my husband at work to tell him what was going on. He sounded excited and scared that he was not here but said that his boss would bring him home at lunch time. After we got off the phone he called right back and said nevermind bob is bringing me home right now so that I can be home with you. I was much happier although I was excited I was still scared this was my first time in labor. Matt got home and we started keeping track of my contractions (which I still have in Kalebs baby book) so we would know when to call my midwife. By noon my contractions were just about 4 to 5 minutes apart. I called my midwife back to let her know and she told me to come on up so that she could check and see if I was progressing. We got up to newport around 1:00pm and I can remember sitting there in the waiting room having bad intense contractions closing my eyes thinking how far I was already. She checked me and I was around 3cm dialated and she said you are staying we are having this baby boy tonight! That was great to hear and also scary.....We got all settled in and two nurses came into check on me and the baby while lesley finished up her afternoon. Then around 5:30pm lesley came in to see me and I was really relieved to know that she was finally there. Labor progressed over the next few hours. My dad, mom and matts dad and step mom came to the hospital to see us but I was not up for much company, focusing on getting through each contraction was the only thing I could do. Finally after being in labor for 19 hours 8 minutes and 40 minutes of pushing you were here. Little baby Kaleb 8lbs 4oz born at 11:08pm it was a moment we will never forget.