Saturday, January 10, 2009

January 10th 2009 - Update

Kaleb is now 13 1/2 months old WOW... That just hit me hard where did the time go. He is walking and has been for a while now since about the beginning of 11 months. It has been great to see him run around he is a little boy now and not that baby I still think of him as. He has his own little attitude and temper that is for sure when he hears NO he has his little tantrums.. It is cute now but I bet it won't be for long... He has 12 teeth right now 4 top 4 bottom and 4 1yr molers and is cutting more bottom teeth right now.. He does really good for being in a lot of pain.. I have to say that the teething tablets work wonders and it is all natural so you don't have to worry as much and it relieves the pain instantly it's GREAT! Let's see other than that not to much else he is growing up so fast and I hope that everyone else sees that and takes it into consideration that he is not going to be this small forever and now is the time to enjoy him being little!!!! I get to everyday and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to and teach him and watch him grow .... He is wonderful a true blessing :)

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