Monday, January 5, 2009

Just over a year ago

Just Over a year ago now on November 29th at 4:00 am I awoke to very intense back pains. I can remember rolling around in bed trying to get comfortable with my huge belly but it was not going to happen. I got out of bed and thought to myself could this be it am I having contractions? My husband Matt got up and came out into the Living room and new that something was going on cause I was not sleeping anymore. I said I am having trouble getting comfortable in bed and I am having back pains. He said do you think that you are in labor?Should I stay home from work? I said no that's ok I don't think that anything is really going to happen today or at least while you are gone to work. So he got ready and left. Around 9am I still was feeling a lot of back pain so I called my midwife Lesley to let her know what was going on. I can remember those words forerver she said it sounds like you are in labor woooohooooo! We were both very excited about it I was due the next day so we were all waiting. She told me to take it easy relax and call me this afternoon. So I got off the phone with her and called my husband at work to tell him what was going on. He sounded excited and scared that he was not here but said that his boss would bring him home at lunch time. After we got off the phone he called right back and said nevermind bob is bringing me home right now so that I can be home with you. I was much happier although I was excited I was still scared this was my first time in labor. Matt got home and we started keeping track of my contractions (which I still have in Kalebs baby book) so we would know when to call my midwife. By noon my contractions were just about 4 to 5 minutes apart. I called my midwife back to let her know and she told me to come on up so that she could check and see if I was progressing. We got up to newport around 1:00pm and I can remember sitting there in the waiting room having bad intense contractions closing my eyes thinking how far I was already. She checked me and I was around 3cm dialated and she said you are staying we are having this baby boy tonight! That was great to hear and also scary.....We got all settled in and two nurses came into check on me and the baby while lesley finished up her afternoon. Then around 5:30pm lesley came in to see me and I was really relieved to know that she was finally there. Labor progressed over the next few hours. My dad, mom and matts dad and step mom came to the hospital to see us but I was not up for much company, focusing on getting through each contraction was the only thing I could do. Finally after being in labor for 19 hours 8 minutes and 40 minutes of pushing you were here. Little baby Kaleb 8lbs 4oz born at 11:08pm it was a moment we will never forget.

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